Quality Management in Press!

What you will learn!

Printers most important machinery are the press! But press needs service and treatment from well educated operaters who know how to handle it - to get best and stable printing results. Learn at azp all about influences in printing and possibilities to reach best print quality.

Preconditions: for participants who
- know how to run a press
- want to learn more about high quality production in printing process
- are interested in keeping stable printing conditions and learn about influences

Kind of training:
- theory and practical work with press, measurement devices and tools
- training level adapted to the needs of the participants
- ratio between subjects can be adapted to participants needs

- influences printing process (paper, ink, CtP, press, dampening)
- printing process in detail
- press maintenance and care
- measuring (densitometric)
- logistic in printing process

Hardware: press, CtP device, Densitometer, plate measurement device, cylinder gauge, torque spanner, fountain solution analyzer

Duration: 2 weeks

Price: 1700,- € + VAT
Including course fee, training material, full access to e-learning platform (before course start), German certificate, hotel, (Sunday – Saturday), breakfast all days, lunch from Monday to Friday, public transport within Chemnitz

Course start: 08.10.2012